Follow that Star (Stalking Jason Mraz with ArcGIS online)

Have you ever tried stalking someone using an interactive map? This time, everyone could be a cartographer of their own stalker’s map. Yes! ESRI will give you the chance to follow that favorite artist of yours and even the activities of your hidden love one using ArcGIS online. Are you ready to start that amazing map right now? Chill and just take a look on these not so difficult steps in making your own maps.

First go to: You can also register an ESRI global account for you to save online maps that you would generate in the said website.

Upon registering, you can start on making your own maps. First thing to do is to choose a basemap (depending on the map you want to produce). Here is a screen shot on how to choose a base map. Just click on the choice map and it will load on the right screen of the page.

Now we can create an editable layer where we can put the data we want to show on our basemap. A screen that looks like the picture below should appear. You can put on the name of your map and some notes regarding the map.  After creating the layer, you may start adding features.This is the part that you locate the places by representing it as a point on the map or a polygon if your representing a big scope on the map.

Contents of the feature box depend on the type of layer you choose. After clicking on the symbol you will be using, place it on the basemap and a textbox similar below would appear. You can input the details regarding the description of the feature. You may also add images by pasting the image URL on the box provided for this part.

In our map, we’ve chosen to use the pushpins to locate each place he went. We’ve also included the date and venue of the concert, and a photo taken during that concert.

Repeat this process until you map all the features needed for your map. Below is the sample output after doing these processes. This is a map of Jason Mraz’s concerts in the year 2011. If you hover your cursor to a pushpin, you will be able to see the details of the concert, given that you’re still on the online ArcGIS Map Viewer.

Written by Angelipio Artates and Don Dilidili


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