This is  an online map portfolio of the Geography 197 MQY class of second semester AY 2011-2012.

Geography 197 is an introductory course to digital cartography which aims to impart to students the core ideas, theories, principles and basic skills in conceptualizing, designing and executing maps with the use of computer-based GIS. To further entice students to observe, read, and critique published maps, an online portfolio has been set up, where they are required to post 6 maps that are relevant to the topics comprising the course syllabus.

Each student, other than posting the maps he or she finds interesting, should also write an essay discussing relevant points pertaining to the objective of the map, how the elements and content of the map work together to form a coherent message, and other notable features of the maps he or she has selected.

Before the semester ends in March, students will also upload their map projects (conceptualized and designed by them) to facilitate open criticism on their work by cartographers working closely with the Department of Geography as well as former 197 students.

Viewers of this site are encouraged to comment on the students’ remarks on the maps and also to share their own critiques and opinions. Let’s keep the process of learning an open, encouraging, and inspiring experience.

-Ony Martinez and Emmanuel Garcia, course instructors


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