2$ Made It Bigger, 200$ Made It Smaller

This map from worldmapper.org is an animation resizing the countries based on cost of living of the population. This map in particular sized the countries based on the people living in less than $2 a day. The animation continues until it reaches the map of the world sized by people living on more than $200 a day. The size of the countries is inverted as the animation goes from less than $2 to more than $200 a day. The author of this map, Danny Dorling of University of Sheffield, always resizes areas based on all sorts of variables may it be income, life expectancy, etc.

These maps are interesting because they shows an alternative depiction of countries based on income. Typically, resizing of areas are based on a higher cost living or income but this particular maps were resized based on number of people that survives below the poverty line. And also, United States is not a highlight in this map, where typically, US is always emphasized. We can easily distinguish which countries have high number of population that is below poverty line and reality is shown effectively in this map.

These maps are intended to portray reality of living. It reflects inequality around the world and the status of each country. It achieved its objective of showing the people of how each country survives based only on what they have. Also, it shows the differences in Third World countries and First World countries.

These maps can explain itself based on its title and effective depiction through resizing of areas. Also it is easier to locate and distinguish resized countries because some of it has labels. These maps portray the world like you’ve never seen it before. They depict reality and in some way that they show the world in a different view wherein fact we already know that reality in ourselves.


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