According to Ronald Reagan…

This shows the world on how Ronald Reagan imagined it to be. It is also interesting to think that this map is made by someone who is maybe a leftist or a democrat and wanted a propaganda against Reagan. If that’s the case, then this map is a representation of how the maker thought Ronald Reagan views the world. The world is divided into west  and east and is categorized as ‘us’ and ‘them’ respectively. Some of the countries that are on the ‘us’ side which can be thought of as the ‘non-American good guys’ are Thatcherland (UK), Acidrania (Canada), Falklands(British Archipelago), Our China ( Taiwan), Japan Corporation(Japan) and Our Oil(Saudi Arabia). The ‘them’ side which can be thought of as the ‘bad guys’ are the USSR, Poland, Their China (Communist China), Muslim Fanatics (ex. Iran) and Soviet Colony(Cuba). There are also those that are insignificant, Mariachiland(Mexico), Bananaland(Latin America), Egypt/Negroes(Africa), Injuns(India) and Kangaroos(Australia) and were not well represented in the map. Also the US itself is divided into ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’. California is oversized as it was Reagan’s home state.

The map shows those countries that are noteworthy to the US in the time of Ronald Reagan.

This map achieved its objective to show how Ronald Reagan, however discriminating to other countries, views the world as the president of a powerful country and nation. This maybe a propaganda map but it fulfilled its purpose of showing the readers that this is how US, not only Reagan, perceive the world.
The map is simple depiction of someone’s idea of the world according to Reagan. It has no legends but the message it wanted to convey can be understood clearly. The North arrow was positioned not only to locate the directions but also to give an emphasis on the east and west division of the world.


One comment on “According to Ronald Reagan…

  1. I actually like this map being part of the selections chosen as it is a good example of how maps can be used to distort facts to the point of exaggeration, and as in this case introduce political ideas to the public as part of propaganda attempts either by people for or against, in this case, Ronald Reagan. I’d have to agree that this is a nod to the concept of the idea that the white man is superior and shoulders the role of peacekeeper as part of the “White-mans burden” against the evil “them”.

    As a note to the author though, aside from pointing out specifics, particularly the “divide”between N.America and its perceived enemies and allies, or an explanation of how certain areas are deemed to be, I feel it would have been nice to incorporate actual events in history that led to the portrayal of the enemies‘ side of the map as such, and whether it would still be accurate if applied to the current state N.America is at. What would have the Bushes highlighted? Would Obama agree? Will N. America have a new rivalry map in place by now? Then the USSR has been a superpower, now nothing more than a memory after the recent collapse, in the new role of China as an economic powerhouse, will the enough to offset USSR’s place?

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