Global US Intervention

This map shows the nations targeted by US Military and CIA Interventions since World War II, also the US bombings and assassination plots of the US government. This map covers the world and it can be noticed that not a single continent is free from US Military and Interventions, aside from North America itself and Antarctica that prohibits any form of military activities are the only two continents that are free from interventions since World War II.  This map can be seen at by William Blurn.

This can be considered a propaganda map against US because it illustrates that every continent, aside from North America and Antarctica, US wants to intervene. This may support the rapid growth of capitalism since World War II, as US is a capitalist country. Also the choice of color red that makes it more of a communism black propaganda against capitalism.

The map wants to show that the US has an agenda of wanting to have a hold at countries they have interest of. This also shows the mega trend of globalization and how US, through different treaties and agreements can dominate. Also it includes the prospect of endless war and US wants to leave footprints in the world. And the intervention serves the interest of global corporate investment which makes it safe for US corporations and prevents development of society that may become an example of alternative against capitalist model.

This is a good illustration of how US wants to take have power over other countries or nations. This map is understandable in itself. It has a title that explains what the map is all about. It also has legends to further explain the image and it has the source and name of producer of the map. Even without a short description, this map can be understood by the reader or interpreter.


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