Internet-Restricting Web

This map demonstrates that there are some black holes in the web. This map was commissioned by Report without Borders which publishes a world ranking press freedom. The map implies that news and information is not free to circulate around the world. The map shows the 15 countries that limit or prohibit their citizens’ access to their internet as a way of censoring the free flow of information. The most notorious among those 15 countries is China, which maintains a firewall for self-censorship. Another country is Saudi Arabia. For less developed countries, they might just not allow their citizens to own computers.

Internet censorship also indicates press censorship, in general.

The map maybe intended for those living in the countries included in the list. This may be a means for them to know that there are censorship in their countries and that there are limited exchange of information between them and the other parts of the world. Also, this may serve people from countries not included in the list. With internet censorship and limit in exchange of information, the black holes, doesn’t share their information as well as they don’t receive outside information.

The objectives of this map, based on the comments of people in the website where I found this map, were achieved. Most of them were saying that they are from one of the countries in the list and yet they can explore the web without limits. They, in fact, are typing their comments from one of those countries.  Another web user said that this is weird because there are masses of lines that lit up in regions elsewhere where internet is nonexistent like in the middle of oceans and seas.  Their comments are just proves that the map fulfilled its objective which is to inform the world about internet’s black holes.

No legends can be found in the map but from its title and a support description at the bottom, one can easily identify what this map is all about.


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