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2 comments on “Alip Artates

  1. I wish to congratulate Alip on his excellent compilation of various maps and essays that are truly exceptional in terms of selection and themes. Overall, he has managed to accomplish the objectives of this project and more. His choice of maps are unexpected and diverse– his selection focusing more on the commonly seen and typically disregarded. For example, his choice of maps include those that can be seen in popular websites, and common media, but goes usually unnoticed. Even if most of them came from the internet while only two maps were from print media, It is pleasing that these maps are given due attention in his portfolio. Some attention may be unwarranted, but his thorough critique is good for him and the readers.

    Alip’s writing is easy to understand and his narrations of the stories behind the maps are enjoyable to read. I appreciate the fact that most of his map descriptions are particularly exhaustive. He has fine attention to detail and critique, but at times he gets caught up too much on his words that he fails to give his own recommendations on the map. Nonetheless, he still succeeded in raising the good and bad points of each of his selection, and even manages to write a couple of warnings to fellow cartographers every time he spots a common error in his chosen maps.

    His essays reflected his need to stress the importance of how cartographers should always consider map-viewers on creating a map and I would like to think that the reason for his emphasis is attributed to the fact that he upholds the very same belief himself. His reasonings are sensible and considerate to readers who may not be as knowledgeable as he is. In sum, I believe his portfolio is especially notable and he ought to have nothing less than what he deserves.

  2. To Ms. Bianca, thank you very much for the appreciation and comments you gave on my map portfolio. I’m happy that you you liked my theme and thought of it as an interesting one. Also, I’m glad that at least you understand and got what I want to express, I hope that this would also get to other who are also in our field.

    I believe that aside from the fact that most of the people takes this field for granted, in our country, there are a lot of things that needs to be stress, express and discuss, regarding the importance and use of map making. May this portfolio become an instrument in exploring the cartography in our country, and may we focus more on maps produced here.

    As a student of cartography, together with you and other geographer in the country, I hope that someday we bring cartography and geography in the mind of people as something that is essential not only on travelling and finding locations but something that is important in their everyday life, and it is not just a field that should be taken for granted! 😀

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