Ever heard of Geography of Music

It’s a good thing to think that even music could be influenced by the space where it is created. A phenomenon of this kind seems to develop an idea of a space that could be created using the thoughts brought by music.

A map art included in the album of Eraserheads, a famous 90’s band in the Philippines entitled, “Fruitcake” shows how flexible and diverse maps are that it could be used even in this field. The only question here is that, is the map use to clearly present to people the message and meaning of the songs included in album, or it is just a creative art work just to make the album unique in its cover.

A study presented by a former professor in the Department of Geography last year discussed that most of the places and objects included in the map are part of the songs included in the album. It somewhat gave him a conclusion that the songs where greatly influenced by the environment that time, and the band came up with this fictional world where the places included in the map are the only things they wanted to be part of their world.

It was questioned by the band director itself, because as what he remembers, the one that created the map is not the band members itself, but the whole artistic theme.

It is sad thing that we are not sure whether the map is a product of the songs itself, and the songs created a fictional world presented in this map. In the brighter side, this type of map opens possibilities that indeed, there is a geography of music.


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