Pinoy Kusina, where is it again?

Have you ever been to Pinoy Kusina? Pinoy Kusina is an authentic Filipino restaurant in 873 S Mason Rd, Ste 310, Katy, Texas serving Filipino foods for those Pinoys around Texas (you may visit Well, even though I haven’t been there, I believe they are serving great, mouth watering foods for Filipinos in Texas. I would not battle against their foods and if I will ever be in Texas someday, I’ll make sure to visit their store. But wait, when I go check out their sketch map in their website, I find it a bit difficult to understand. One reason could be is that I am not familiar with the place since I have never been to Texas, but it contradicts the function of a sketch map itself: to direct and locate places that are unfamiliar to the ones using it.

For people living near the area of Pinoy Kusina, surely they would understand the sketch map. But what about the people who want to go there for the first time? Also, if you would inspect the map, it is too simplified that there are important elements deleted from the original image. This will be easily noticed if you use google map.

In this captured google map image, you could see that it is bit far from the sketch map of Pinoy Kusina. The whole place where the restaurant is located is presented by grid-like pattern of establishments. Cimarron road is presented by a straight line, while its original shape is curved. Grand Parkway and Fry Road are not present in google maps, and it leaves a question whether Grand parkway is an establishment or a road. Only the S.Mason road is preserved and represented to be like the original appearance of the map.

If we are to assess whether the sketch map meets its objective to clearly locate Pinoy Kamasutra, the answer would be no. This is because it has simplified too much that it became difficult for the first time users to identify the exact location. There are no landmarks that were included in the map, and this could lead to a broad identification of its location. The scale and position used are too relative, making it difficult for the user in real situation.

Indeed, sketch maps are helpful for most of the people, especially if they are new to a certain place. Yes, it should be simple and easy to understand, and thus, the need for elements to be generalized and minimized. But in the case of PinoyKusina, important details are not stressed out. The map is simple, but it is not clear is difficult to understand; elements are minimized too much that it was not able to meet its purpose. This map is a good example that even simple and easy-to-make maps should be given due attention and enough preparation for it to really serve its purpose.



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