Tour Map Made Easy

Have you ever tried making map after you went to tourist place? This blogger name Meanne, a mother of four kids enjoys sharing her experienced to the places where she went. She just not retaliate things for you to get less cost for the trip but she also do maps on her own to present the locations, routes and direction for your trip.

This map of that shows sea routes from El Nido town to lagoons in Miniloc islands is very common, actually nothing special could be drawn from it while looking and observing the map. The thing that caught my attention is the process how she made the map.

The map is actually a post card she bought in El Nido Boutique and Artcafe. She scanned it and drew some line to show the routes. Actually, still the process could not be special, but the thing is, the map appears like a map made by a person with knowledge in basic cartography. It doesn’t even look like a postcard to me until I read her post.

What this map implies is that, skills and technique in producing maps sometimes do not matter, especially if the purpose of the maker is clear and presented well, even though how basic the process is. Target audience was also taken into consideration since the blog is for mothers like her with kids that they’ll be bringing in the place. Maps in this case should not be too complicated, nor too simple (like of the Pinoy Kusina) that it could confuse you in the process. The presence of cartoon objects like the fish like nemo and the man sailing in the sea gives a very childish effect, but in good standard, that is also appealing for the kids that could also be reading the maps together with their parents.

In conclusion, maps, whether made in technical programs or art materials, if the purpose and objectives are meet, and presented well in its target audience, it will always be a good map.



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