Don Dilidili

Portfolio Entries


2 comments on “Don Dilidili

  1. : I would like to commend you for the interesting choice of maps for this portfolio. To improve it, contextualize each and every map and consider going back to the purpose as to why it was created. It is also important to consider the cartographer’s target audience for you to gauge the effectivity of the map. This would enable you to provide a more thorough review of the maps that were presented. I would also like to recommend using a more academic/serious tone in your essays as opposed to an informal/blog-like tone.

    Good job!

    • Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them.

      My goal for this portfolio was to make it an easy read so that it could appeal to anyone, even those who aren’t cartographers. But yea, this is an academic requirement, so your suggestion for tone makes sense. 🙂

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