A Pocketful of Sunshine

Take me away, a secret place

A sweet escape, take me away

Take me away to better days

Take me away, a hiding place

— Natasha Bedingfield, A Pocketful of Sunshine

Don’t we all need that? May it be for a few days or months; we sometimes need a break from our usual days. We all get that “I’m tired of doing this” feeling or something like a time-off just to reassess what we are doing. Luckily, the Thompson Blog (link here) came up with an interactive map of Europe and Northern Africa that showcases their holiday spots. But that’s not all! They’ve also included options where you can choose the amount of rainfall, humidity level, and amount of sunlight that suits you best so that it can help you decide on which places (at particular dates) you would want to go based on the weather.

This map, if greatly publicized to travelers from all over the world, can help boost the tourism industries of the countries included in the map. Travelers will be able to identify the best, or worst, time to go the country they are dying (pun intended) to see. Nonetheless, people of old age, known to be more sensitive to temperature changes, can adjust their flight schedules to the dates warm enough for their tendons.

Looking at the layout of the map, I would say that the choice of the colors seems too boring for me. It doesn’t give me the “vacation and fun” vibe that it is supposed to show but rather a “lonely cold winter” one. The light blue and white reminds me of ice – a symbolism of winter. Interface-wise though, when you click anywhere on the map, it zooms in to that place and reveals the names of the country and the cities/towns indicated by the pink dots. When you put your cursor over the dot, a box appears that contains information on temperature, humidity, sun hours and rainfall of that particular place.

The map already has achieved the objectives it is supposed to realize but only to the scale of Europe and North Africa. If Thompson Blog wants to attract more travelers (thus gain more hits on their website), they should probably make a map like this in a global scale because honestly, it’s not just Europe and North Africa that travelers would want to go to, right? Also, to make it less hassle for the users, they could include suggestions of specific sites (parks, beaches, etc.) to go to once a user had zoomed in into a place.


One comment on “A Pocketful of Sunshine

  1. : This is more of a climate map rather than a tourist map, even though the word holiday is part of its title. I think that the map serves its purpose, which is to show people where to go whenever they are craving for warmer climes. The scope of the map, is actually adequate, considering the purpose of the map and the audience of the website. The commentary can be improved further if you can adopt a more serious tone in your essay as opposed to an informal “blog” tone.

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