How to Erase Poverty and Overpopulation on the Face of the Planet Earth

So this is how the Earth would look like without poverty and overpopulation:

Yes people, this is how to do it: delete the countries composing the bottom 5% of the global GDP which apparently contains almost 3 billion of the global population. It is as easy as that – hitting two birds with one stone.

This map was created in response to the hypothesis (or is it even one) that the “climate change would only affect 5% of the world’s GDP” (Silver, 2009).

This could enrage anyone. Not only because that Philippines had been erased from the map, but also because this is not a good way of telling everyone that all these countries that remains on the map belongs to the upper economic class. This, therefore, identifies the boundary between rich and poor, in a bad way.

The target audience of this map is quite unsure. It could be made for the rich people, defining the position on the upper class, while it could be also for the poor people, doing the same purpose but for the opposite status. Whichever it may be, it sure did attain its goal very well.

Emotions aside, this map comes up short some elements. Countries with small land areas may or may not be on the map. What I mean is that a small country may go unnoticed because of the size of the map.

My suggestion is that if they made the map bigger and used a different color on the 5% countries instead of deleting them, it might not appear conceited to some people (i.e. myself). Really, a different color for the 5% countries would make a big difference – they’d be still on the map but would let the audience know that they belong to the 5%. Look:



One comment on “How to Erase Poverty and Overpopulation on the Face of the Planet Earth

  1. I also have an idea how to stop poverty. How about STOP HAVING CHILDREN. As far as I know the story with the stork has been proven inaccurate. Having children is a choice. Most of homeless people are families with children. Does anybody think that maybe the reason they are homeless is because they chose to have children when they couldn’t afford them? And don’t tell me they don’t have enough money to buy condoms, but they believe they will have enough money to raise one, two, three or 7 children.
    Let’s be realistic. The main reason why the world is going to hell is because overpopulation. But of course nobody has the courage to say it. We all love children, right? How about starving children, homeless children, abused children? Instead of sending supplies to all these poor families and poor people we should start sending them condoms. The majority of poor families have more than one child. How is that possible? There are 2 poor people they have nothing to eat and they decide one day: “let’s have a child, that will solve all of our problems”. The first child is born, they are still poor and they said: “let’s have another one, that will make it better”. And so on…
    Children’s welfare will improve as there are fewer of them to care for. Considering the future world we are creating for future generations, procreation today is like renting rooms in a burning building, renting them to our children no less.

    Want to see some facts? Check this out:

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