Welcome Holmes

If there’s anyone who doesn’t know who Sherlock Holmes is, he/she must be stuffed and locked inside a luggage bag, be thrown to the Bermuda Triangle and hopefully be saved by the people of Atlantis who probably don’t know Holmes as well. Or maybe not, since they’re powerful and all that.

Above is an illustration of Sherlock’s apartment in the infamous Baker Street drawn by the American artist Russell Stutler. He based all the positions of every item in the apartment from the 60’s Sherlock Holmes stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. He read the stories twice, took some notes, and voila!… the floor plan had been made.

What particularly amazes me about this map is how it was made. The translation of words into mental pictures and organization of it just like how we put puzzle pieces together, all happened inside Stutler’s mind. What a talent he has gotten!

This floor plan helps anyone who’s into Sherlock stories to visualize events in the stories. Actually, on a personal account, I’ve said “oo nga no” a few times while looking at it and recalling some scenes I’ve seen in the Sherlock Holmes movie and Sherlock TV series. So maybe, purely guessing, producers of the film and TV show had used this map as a reference in designing their stage for Sherlock’s apartment.

The color palette used reminds me of Starbucks’ palette’ impression – homey and comfortable, which should hold true since this is a living quarter of a person however fictitious he may be. And having it drawn in a perspective view gives us the opportunity to see everything in volume. Also, notice that on that orientation, we may be unable to identify objects on the lower half. But if we rotate it, we’d be able to understand it better. That’s the advantage of the perspective view.

(Source: http://www.stutler.cc/other/misc/baker_street.html)


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