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2 comments on “Erlan Patrick Mendoza

  1. Geography has once again gone a notch higher through this initiative. And I wish to congratulate you, Erlan, for your being part of this initiative by two of our remarkable professors in the department!

    There are major points I wish to stress on your selection, the manner of expression you utilized in your selection and the significance of your reflections to the whole concept and exercise of map review (and/or critique).

    Your selection which I suppose not only manifests your interest but also which you saw the need to review, learn from and recommend improvement is noteworthy. Apparently, your selection constitutes maps that convey crucial and relevant information.

    The entries were easily readable. I appreciate how you recognized each of your maps constituting information that move freely around it. You were able to present this recognition through your thorough interpretation of the context of and the story behind the map.

    It is important to note that the layout is crucial because it lays down the context for reading the map. Although I find it amusing that you were able to arrive at a good appreciation and reading of the map while scarcely examining how the data were presented through the absence, presence and use of important elements. I appreciate the way you expressed consideration of the elements of the maps you selected for commenting. However, most entries were not able to provide sufficient and substantial remarks on the features as per guidelines’ criteria. For example, the “Slime Mold” entry falls short of simply questioning the absence of critical elements for the target and potential audience’s ease of comprehension. You could have stated the need to supply even the least of the elements needed for simple visual communication, unless mentioned in the entry that the map is supplemented by a narrative as initial caution to your readers.

    It is also thus important to note that in the whole practice of cartography, the use of these elements in the map on the part of the map-maker is just as crucial as examining how they were executed in the process on the part of the reader or another map-maker for purposes of improving the delivery of information. I also see the need to emphasize crucial points necessary to provide recommendations for improvement of the maps.

    To assist you in the analysis of maps for a similar or even higher purpose in the future, you may examine the relationship between the context and the elements of the map image first then identify which crucial part of the map is left aside, and establish what needs to be improved.

    Overall, you were able to achieve the objectives of this exercise. Job well done!

    • Thank you Luigi for your very truthful comment. From hereon, I will focus on providing map critiques that are are in line with the criteria, and up to the best of my capacity discuss specific elements of the which either needs improvement or deserves recognition. Again, thank you for your honesty and have a good day.

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