Carbon Emissions

This map is about the top Carbon emission producing countries of the world. This map conveys crucial information since our carbon footprint has been a very critical concern for all of us. It employs the use of relative size to depict the amount of carbon emissions per country. In this map, China is the primary contributor of carbon emissions, topping the carbon emissions of USA, Russia, and Africa. This information is alarming in many ways since it shows that a big portion of the oil reserves of the world are being consumed by very few countries. It also shows just how much carbon emissions are polluting the world today and in my mind, this map should not be lost amongst all similar images basically because it tackles a very crucial and sensitive aspect of our life today.

When it comes to technicalities, this map doesn’t have much. It does however provide decent information and it effectively fulfills its purpose of providing general knowledge to the public.

This image has a simple interface, and yet despite its simplicity the message that it conveys is delivered effectively. Through its efficient use of numeric figures and its advantageous use of relative size, the quality of information that this map conveys is retained even with the exclusion of highly technical information. Nowadays the use of maps has been more powerful than ever, it has greatly exceeded the purpose of giving out directions and has transcended to very diverse fields. This particular image is a very good example since it tackles the subject of carbon emissions through its clever use of relative size. The earth is known to withstand tremendous amounts of stress coming from different stimuli; however despite this knowledge at hand, we can never push the resilience of our planet too far because in so doing, not only are we jeopardizing our home, we are also destroying ourselves in the process.


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