Slime Mold

This is an illustrative map of a slime mold travelling the United States. The thing about the slime mold is that it uses the most robust and resilient paths when going from a point to another, and so Andy Adamatzky and Jeff Jones, specialists in unconventional computing at the University of the West of England in Bristol, soon discovered that when left on its own, slime molds mimicked a great portion of the country’s actual road systems. Having said so, this unusual way of planning road networks may prove to have very critical applications in the future. Just imagine a slime mold planned city. Sounds disgusting right? And yet it might be a possible option the next time we plan road network systems. Again, since the slime mold uses the most resilient paths to travel from one point to another, we can expect that the road networks patterned after the path undergone by a slime mold would be nothing short of robust. This idea is no doubt a product of popular science but then again, even the craziest ideas have found ways to manifest themselves and reality in so doing managed to be crucial parts of our everyday lives. With a healthy sense of enthusiasm, and a boost from popular science ideas, the slime mold may just be able to find its way.


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