The occurrence of suicide has been around for as long as we can remember. This map shows the global suicide rates per country as of 2002. Based on the website where I found this map, 1.8% of all the world’s deaths are suicide. The fact that people are willing to take their own life is a disturbing phenomenon in itself, but what’s even more disturbing is the number of people committing suicide these days. People have their reasons for taking their own life, it’s hard to put a gauge on how someone will commit suicide, but what’s even harder to gauge is the tell tale signs of someone who is about to commit suicide. It is a case to case basis for each person, some people are more difficult to read than others, therefore making them more difficult to predict when it comes to these matters.

The map shows the distribution of suicide cases per one hundred thousand people. This map doesn’t have a whole lot of technicalities, but it boasts a critical sense of purpose. After all, how many maps can tackle such an important and sensitive topic such as suicide? The contents in this map are nothing more than simple colors denoting the number of people that commit suicide. Aesthetically speaking, this map is not that pleasing to the eyes, however when it comes to giving the public an eye opener, this map works like coffee. Based on this map the areas with highest suicide rates are Europe and Australia. We don’t exactly know just what makes these two areas suicide hotspots, but in time I hope that suicide will just be a thing of the past and that no one, regardless of circumstance and belief, will arrive to such a decision such as taking their own life.


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