The Last Frontier

I found this map on the national geographic website and it shows an aerial photo of Antarctica. There are a lot of characteristics that set this map apart but the greatest of which I have to say would be the quality of information that it delivered. Other than having the main image of Antarctica that dominates the whole map, the smaller maps on the lower left side portion displays different information about the continent such as ice sheet thickness, surface elevation, and ice flow velocity. In essence this map’s aim is to educate the general public, but at the same time, it can also be used as a reliable base map for geographers since it conveys different types of information about the continent while at the same time boasting a sense of authenticity due to the fact that it comes from a reputable institution.

This map also has a healthy level of technical details. Healthy in the sense that it stimulates mental thinking but only up to a very precise and stress free point, just enough to make the average person think and just enough to make the geographer happy. Aesthetically speaking this map is very well made, the positioning of texts and other elements were situated in such a way that further highlights the main image of Antarctica. The color pattern used is very easy on the eyes, which makes it possible to stare at this map for long periods of time. Over all I can say that this map has definitely done its job of presenting Antarctica to the public, and it did so in a very effective and fashionable manner.

They say that Antarctica is the world’s last frontier, in a lot of ways the people who said that are correct, but with the exponential rate at which modern day technology advancing, we can expect that it is only a matter of time before this continent which is also called the bottom of the world will soon be unearthed and will rise to reveal its secrets to the rest of humanity.


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