The World is Connected Underwater

How extensive maps are complements the stretch of the vast countries all over the globe. A particular research called Global Bandwidth was able to portray an interesting interconnectivity between countries across the world; the map created shows 118 organized and currently used submarine cables. This interactive map showcases the information and details on the cable such as its landing points and the other related cables on these landing points. An interactive map like this allows a wide range of readers to participate and learn from it. It is of interest that this map is not showing a typical connectivity but a concrete interrelatedness through tangible pipes that most people are not even aware of.

Though this map encompasses different types of readers and viewers, its access is limited in terms of the availability of having a hard copy. It would be more appreciated if this map can be made readily available to readers in paper and also indicating map elements such as its legend and other interesting info such as distance and length of the submarine cables. Another to improvise will be the scale of the map itself, since the submarine cables are depicted in this current map to be too close to each other, while others are intersecting and overlaying, it would be easier for readers to locate and follow the path of these cables if they are more apart from each other. Such maps that show merely the distribution of a particular phenomenon or thing can be appropriated with overlaying and intersecting dots or lines, but map showing flow and connectivity should be at least distinct and clear in a way that will be easily understood. It will be more interesting to also think of creative ways in adding purposive aesthetics on the map that is accordant to the goal of the map and that is to be informative as much as possible but at the same time not having too much complex or too much data within. Significant data would be the origin and destination of a particular submarine cable, its length or distance, the places that have the same location of station, etc.


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