The Causes of and Solutions to Most of Life’s Problems

People all around the world can always find common ground in a number of things despite our many differences. One thing that unites the many and varied peoples of the planet is the shared love for beer. Even in this, however, do the many cultures of the world have their own distinct quirks and taste. While the usual idea tends towards cracking open a cold can after a hard day’s work, there are people who prefer their brew on the hot side. Beer can be dark or pale, light or strong, even bitter or sweet.

This map divides the countries of the world according to the brand of beer that is most prevalent within their national borders, leading to a riotous display of colors that leaves the reader about as woozy as if they’d just downed a shot of each of these beers. The aim of a map like this is simply to associate one beer to one country for the whole world in a visually engaging manner, highlighting the diversity of beer in the global scene. As such, details like country capitals, geographic grids and such are of no real necessity and are thus omitted altogether for the greater good of the picture.

I would have appreciated a list of the depicted beers, something that was not present in the original example. Also, if one were to be strict in associating every nation with a beer, inset maps would have served to give small and fragmented nations better representation. Failing that, small circles pointing to the problematic countries could have contained the beer labels.


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