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  1. What makes a map interesting is entirely up to the person who sees the map. Given the opportunity to choose any map and to write about it also draws from the nature of geography of writing about the earth. You can write about what you see, given what you know, and in that aspect this blog was quite successful.

    There is just one thing that I think could make this blog even better, it’s to show a little more personality through the essays. Yes, this is part of an academic requirement, but it won’t hurt to have a little more fun in writing and letting your personality shine through. In some essays this was quite obvious, in others, the focus seemed limited to a critique on the map elements.

    With that I’d like to leave this piece of (unsolicited) advice; the way people see maps may be similar, but the ways we perceive what we see are limitless. Share what you see, know, and how you feel about them and you might just add a little more beauty to what others fail to see.

    • Thank you, Mr Garcia, for you gracious comments. I was actually reluctant in reading the comments, fearing I’d find the word BUUUUUURRRRN! in them. You were spot on in saying that my personality and perception of the maps were not adequately worded in my essays. I believed that this project’s– and our subject’s– primary focus was to dissect the maps’ design and layout. That assumption made it hard for me to include most of my opinions, just for the “ratings”. I was too careful because in reality, I do have a habit of talking too much and I always end up saying something ridiculously inappropriate or off-topic, no matter how amusing. That, and I’m a moody mapper. I never did like the same things the day after. After the first submissions I just went, “Take it away before I maim it, It’s good enough for now!”
      But really, thank you for your insight. What I held back in making the essays, I hope was translated in my choice of maps. In the future, I can assure you that the maps I’ll produce will bear my imprint. And if they’re obnoxious, you’re free to “katay” them.

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