LA Dimailig

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2 comments on “LA Dimailig

  1. In general, the author is able to describe the map, give inferences and comments about map elements and share some interesting facts. I commend the author for choosing some interesting maps for his portfolio but I felt that all the maps were under utilized in terms of coming up with more interesting insights. It is noticeable that minimal effort was made to elaborate and expound the story behind each map. The application of geographic thoughts and knowledge in the essay could separate and emphasize geography as a distinct discipline from other fields that are also involved in GIS.

    To the faculty and the whole class, congratulations for this initiative! This creates another venue for all of us who love geography. A venue which seeks to learn and develop some skills that we can definitely employ even in everyday life. Kudos!

  2. Thank you Mr. Manalansan for your invaluable effort in scrutinizing my works. I appreciate your constructive criticisms very much. I know that your critiques will lead me towards my own development as a Geographer.

    I am sorry for the minimal effort, as it seems, that I exerted in my map critiques. I did this to stay unbiased so that I could be critical in my words. However, I would take your suggestions into consideration when I make my future maps.

    For the greater pursuit of excellence in Geography!

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