China vs. The World

Euromonitor International forecasts that China will be the world’s largest economy in 2020. How can this be so?

The above map shows the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each province in China and their nearest equivalents in the countries of the world. For common people, GDP of different economies is hard to imagine. And that is the strong point of this map. This map makes it easier for the common people to visualize the GDP of each Chinese province by comparing it to the nearest GDP of a country.


Technically, the map is very good. It used choropleth to show the GDP of each province in billion dollars. The colors used are easily distinguishable and the hierarchy is appropriate. The title of the map can tell what the map is about. The way the legend is written also reflects how good the map is. As observed, the left limit of each range is always the minimum in the range and the right limit is the maximum in the range. There is uniformity even in the legend. The labels used are big enough to be easily read. Though there are labels which follow the shape of the provinces to maintain the font size, the overall effect is not compromised.


In general, the map is visually pleasing. It retained its simplicity while supplying much information. There is balance and good contrast. The colors used are not painful to the eyes and seem appropriate. Though the color of the border is not uniform (the country border is dark blue, while the province border is white); still, it does not make the map look bad. Lastly, the color of the background and the shadow added to its visual effect.


2 comments on “China vs. The World

  1. The map depicts a very interesting story with regard to the current position of China in the global economic arena. It is timely to tackle this pertinent economic trend in the context of financial meltdown of capitalist countries like the United States of America.

    As what the author has mentioned, the simplicity of the map, its legend, color and label, is useful to not overpower the core message of the map. Since it conveys serious information, all map elements should be less sophisticated and data representation on the map should likewise be uncomplicated. By stating so, I agree with the author’s statement.

    However, short description of the map made by the author did not encapsulate the hype of the ‘issue’. I found it lacking then, to just bank on mere exposition of data on the map. It could have been more interesting if the author tries to explain briefly his own analysis for further debate. As geography student, one could have had discussed the implications of the emergence of China in the geopolitical landscape of the world. Also, the author could have engaged his readers to in-depth discourses about China’s accumulation of spaces as an important aspect to sustain its so-called ‘development’. To make it more exciting, the author can give fearless forecast about the state of China in 2020 and its relationship to the current economic superpowers of the world today.

    Congratulations to you for this work and good luck!

  2. Challenge accepted. I accept your challenge to be more bold and daring in speaking my thoughts towards the geopolitical arena, specially the activities of China.

    After reading your critique, I realized that I can do better than what I’ve done. Thank you for the enlightenment. I’ll try to work on my “China vs. The World” map critique.

    Again, thank you for your time in evaluating my work.

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