The Dark Side of the Golden Gate

Memento mori –  a Latin phrase for “Remember Death”. We all know that one day, death will come knocking at our doors. But to some, they invite death by themselves.

Above is a map that shows the location of suicide attempts in the Golden Gate Bridge with respect to the poles that stretches throughout the bridge. The interesting thing about this map is the fame of the subject as one of the world’s suicide spot. Users of this map would be researchers and other people who have bizarre interests.


Though there is no title for the map, the two paragraphs about the bridge can tell what the map is all about. However, the paragraphs look long and boring. There are too many blank spaces in the map which take away the focus of the reader. The legend is small and almost unnoticeable (try finding it, if you didn’t know it exists in the map). The texts are very small which makes it hard to read. The black squares are hard to count because of its size; the cartographer shouldn’t used “1 square = 1 suicide” scale. On the other hand, the colors used are not painful to the eyes and the combination looks good. The map is also successful in showing its orientation by showing the east and west directions.


The map looks unbalanced because of the placement of objects in the map, as well as the blank spaces. The map looks heavy on the bottom right corner and the part of the bridge where most people attempt suicide. The visually pleasing aspect of the map is the color. There is a good contrast and the objects are easily distinguishable from one another. The background color does not take away the focus from the main subject, and the bridge and number of suicide attempts is highlighted because of the use of dark colors.


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