Ryan James Nicholai L. Dizon



2 comments on “Ryan James Nicholai L. Dizon

  1. All arrow sources lead to a single cup of coffee but the map does not show that “Its products come from different countries which offer the best quality of goods that the company can provide to its customers.” It just says 19 countries. No source (of raw material, I assume) is indicated.

  2. For a geography student like me, our Geography 197 class is one of the most important subjects in our undergraduate years. I am very thankful because I was able to understand the science of making maps. This word press account helped us to express our understanding more and it gave us the chance to give our own interpretation and understanding on our own choice of maps. I would like to say Thank You to sir Joseph Basconcillo for spending the time to comment and give us suggestions and insights for us to understand cartography more. As Sir Joseph said in of his comments: “A cartographer’s identity is how he shows information on a map.” I hope that someday, I can show my own identity in my own maps and show the people the critical thinker inside of me.

    Thank you sir!

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