The Sleeping Giant of Asia

The sleeping Giant of Asia has finally been awakened. China is now the second largest economy in the world. Its rapid growth can easily be seen by its economy today. The study of a
country’s GDP is very important in determining the economy’s health vis a vis global competitiveness. The map above illustrates the Gross Domestic Product of China in Billion China

US Dollars. The map illustrates the equivalent country of each province in China. The map was
made by an economist to compare the GDP of China with other countries.

The comparison of the different provinces of China in terms of GDP in relation to other
countries is very interesting because it makes you think that the economy of China is very
powerful and it is very big compared to other countries. The map shows the relative power of
China in the context of the global economy because it illustrates that the economy of China equals the economy of other countries combined.

The general public is the target audience of the map especially the economists of other
countries and their governments. The information illustrated in the map is very important
especially to economists and government leaders because they cannot simply ignore the fact

that the economy of China is as big as their own country or even bigger than theirs.

The objectives of the map were achieved because a great deal of information was given
and the map can be easily understood. The purpose of the map is not only for the information
that it illustrates but it can also be a reminder to other countries that the economy of China is
very important and powerful.

The map lacks proper legend and its sources. The legend of the map cannot be easily
understood. One should carefully examine the legend for you to be able to understand it and the
sources of information used in creating the map were not included. Sources of information are
very important for the map to be credible and reliable.


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