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  1. In general, I think you were able to follow the rules or the guidelines when discussing each map. It’s good that the way you discussed it, you start with the context and then the different elements of the map. Sometimes I have my own opinion perhaps different from yours, but that’s one of the properties of a “map”- despite being a product of physical process, the way we interpret it will be different. I hope you were able to realize the power of “maps” and how it shapes the way people perceive a particular place. I noticed that you always look at complicated maps especially those with lots of data as “chaotic.” I was not able to find your suggestions that may help to improve the map ( but perhaps not all of them).

    Aside from the “gamer’s map” I think you were not able to present who is the intended readers of the map. Maybe, that is the reason why you see them chaotic.

    Lastly, it would be better if you will be able to compare the maps with other more popular or similar maps, example when I compared the MRT-LRT and Tokyo station map to the “TUBE” map. It will give the reader more chance to visualize how this map is different from the others.

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