400 Year Old Map

This file is said to have been the earliest map of any accuracy depicting the Chesapeake Bay. This is a document of age 400. This shows the observations of Captain John Smith during his voyage in 1607-1609.  It is also said that this was an active map for seven decades.

For it to have lasted 70 years, it must have satisfied its users onto supplying them with the right spatial information they needed. For one, it has grids to further inform the user on the location of the chosen area, and also a direction cross for orientation. A scale is also present, which (for me) not only shows the size in relation of a real space and a reproduction of itself but also a hint of the time this map was made. The whole map speaks of an old cartography with all its magnificence and intricacy. The scripts are not that easy for me to make out of because of its excessive curls. Also, it gives me a feeling of congestion as it fills up even the tiniest of space with details – good in thought as it may be but it just causes me some visual stress. This could also make it hard to find the place one is looking for due to the similarity of the scripts to the map drawings, the letters owing to its curvy nature tends to blend in with the map diagram. Seals and logos are also present in this document; this may either be due to recognition of an affiliation of the map maker and/or his ID in the map making world. This says a lot about who made the map whether one can trust the document at hand and to what extent will one believe it. The color of the map is out of the question as this was made hundreds of years ago, though not that appealing, but this may only be the only available material at that time.


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