Gamers May Know This

This is a map of the computer game, Wizard King. It is very amusing to think that maps are somehow viewed differently now by some people. They are now also appreciated in a different light because they are now being used not just for academic purposes but also for gaming and entertainment. This is one redefinition of maps, if I may just say, because before if one hears about maps, they only think of a paper with drawings in them telling directions on where to go.

This particular map has a hexagonal grid that I find interesting. I do not know if it functions as gridlines but one thing for sure is that it is unique. And by having such quality, a non-gamer like me couldn’t understand what those boundaries meant. This leads me to realize that maps truly are a reflection of what you know – it is by how much you understand that you can interpret a specific map, the kinds of this one.

Fonts differ depending on the physical feature they name; water bodies are in blue and land areas are in black. Also the names for the water bodies follow the shape of their water territories. The colors used in this map are also commendable as they are calm and not very tiring to look at. They also used shades that are close to reality.

Scale is not present in this map, giving us no impression of how large this “empire” may be. And no legends were used to explain the icons drawn into the map – but as for me, I think that it is unnecessary to put legend there as the representation they used to denote entities in the map is very similar to what we have in the real world. Hence, it is easily understood.


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