Avez-vous été à Paris? (Have You Been To Paris?)

This is a map of the metropolitan that was Paris in 1923.

Just by looking at it, I can tell that this is a pretty complicated map. I think that this has something to do with the very intricate road systems that they have in Paris, but nevertheless, this map still shouts “chaos” to me. It looks very full of information and details, but the way it was presented was very much unappealing. At first glance, it looks complicated and hard to understand, this may cause the map user some stress. A map should not only be filled with data, but it also must be presented in an appealing manner in order to entice a map user to gather information from it with ease. Hence, cartography is not only a science, but also an art.

I couldn’t look at it closely without it being very much pixelated, hence, I have no way of deciphering the notes at the edges of the map. I wouldn’t know what information they might give about this map, or if it even contained the publisher information and other things necessary to further ‘trust’ and understand this diagram.

One of the things I noticed though is the presence of gridlines, again to show location and orientation. I don’t know if this has a scale, but maps like this requires having one.

With regards to the color, this map is laudable; it used different colors to depict different features found in it. By doing such, it will be easier to find and differentiate among routes in Paris during those times. But the labeling of the landmarks and places here seemed to be a little frenzied; this is something that is inevitable considering the number of places in Paris. Some naming techniques were used there like the spacing between characters to slow down the reading of the user.


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