Where Do I Go Now?

I find this map very exhausting. This was made to help the public get themselves all around the place without getting lost, but the moment I see this map – if I am a traveler – I’d say that I am already lost. Maps should not be made as complicated looking as this is, too many information on a single map may lead to reader’s confusion. It seems legitimate that this should contain the information it has, but it looks totally bombarded. A person with the littlest patience may tend to ignore this and just go and ask someone the way; hence, defeating the purpose of the map. There may be other ways of delivering information of this kind to the public, say a little more relaxing looking map perhaps, or maybe a little adjustment with the details is in order; such changes would include differentiating font colors for the stops of each transportation line to make it easier to discern among stations of dissimilar lines.  Something must be done to make this map more appealing and easily understandable to the public.

Talking about the map properties, the colors used in this map vary widely and they somehow clash with each other. It adds stress to the eye.

Also, this map doesn’t have a title, so it seems that one would not easily know what that map is about. Scale is also not present. It would be better and more helpful if people/tourist would know the distance between these places to further assist them with their tour.

The map also looks very crowded with much too many names and details. They are clustered together within the map making it look over-textual.  Names of different structure are written in the same way as the others – this is making it hard to distinguish a label there with the other. I have no objection however to the legend, it is concise and precise and it doesn’t steal the spotlight and attention from the map itself.


2 comments on “Where Do I Go Now?

  1. Have you seen the Tokyo subway map?

    This is a much crowded map yet people find it very useful because all the information about the different routes in the city is located here.
    About the use of the color, I guess the cartographer used clashing colors (as you said) to give emphasis on different routes. Color is one of the elements that is very crucial when creating a map, in my opinion, in this case clashing color is very important so that the user will not have difficulty in tracing the route that he/she is looking at or following. Another example of the use of color to give emphasis is our very own MRT/LRT Route:

  2. The colors, even when they clash against each other, truly does a great job of distinguishing one line from the others. Yes. But I do believe that there is still something that can be done to improve this map. Labeling could use a little editing for one. The labels of each station seem to scatter in an organized way. Paradox you say? What I am suggesting is that they can be placed in such a manner that they will look as organized as they really do.

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