Fraternity Related Crimes in UP (2004-2011)

By Abigail Politan

This map was made to be able to organize a summary of the incidences of fraternity related crimes around the UP Diliman campus using the Crime Statistics from 2004 to 2011 of the UP Diliman Police Department (UPDP). From the map, we can assess that fraternity related violence or the so called “rambols” between fraternities are activity based. We can see that most of the incidences happened in locations like AS (Palma Hall) and the Gym, the places where most of the students frequently have their classes. This map also want to look at the before and after the “Cris Mendez incident”, which happened on August 2007, and its effect on the frequency of fraternity related crimes inside the campus.

Aside from the statistics provided by the UPDP, data used also include images from Google Earth and a converted shapefile of points of incidences on the UP Diliman campus done using free online converting software at

First, the data gathered from the UPDP was screened, only the statistics that involves fraternity related crimes was considered. Then the places of incidents and crimes were plotted on Google Earth. there were entry points that was problematic when it comes to the clarity of the location since the crimes are going to be represented as points in the map so the locations of the incidences, if not exact should be as accurate as possible. In order to resolve this, the UPDP personnel were again asked for the most accurate possible locations of those points. The plotted crimes and incidences was then saved as .kml and converted to shapefile using the website

To have a consistent shapefile of UP Diliman with the shapefile of the plots of the crimes, the image of the campus from Google Earth was digitized. First, the campus boundaries were divided into four parts and then proceed with Georeferencing using ArcView 9.2. Then a new polygon shapefile was created using the image from Google Earth. Streets and roads were also delineated using the image from Google Earth. A polygon shapefile of some buildings and landmarks was also created since most people may not really be familiar with the Street names.

This map can be of help for students who are not so familiar regarding “rambols” inside the university and want to stay away from the common places where fraternity related crimes happen. Also, this can be used for security allocations and maybe increase the number of rounds made by the police or SSB, if not the number of the security guards or SSB itself, in the said areas. Doing this may not really prevent fraternity related crimes but at least the police may respond more quickly if they are near the location of the crime. Also, but not really intended, fraternity men can use this as a basis when it comes to planning their security strategies when misunderstanding with another fraternity happens.


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