Octopus Can Also Be On Land

This Cartographic Land Octopus can be a representation of fear and revolution. Once a reader sees this sea creature image, it gives a feel of horror and fear. Black propaganda maps used this Cartographic Land Octopus to portray how a country takes power over other nation by its tentacles spread over the other areas. Its tentacles can be the reason why this creature is Cartography’s favourite land monster. It represents evil spread over the lands and its head, the center of wicked intelligence.  This particular map is entitled ‘John Bull and his Friends: A Serio-Comic Map of Europe’. It is after a design by Fred W. Rose which was published in London during 1900. It shows the wicked ambition of Russia to rule over Europe.

Russia here together with the image of Tzar is portrayed as the octopus whose tentacles stretch out towards the countries in Europe. Also, Russia has a grasp over China, Persia and Poland. France and Spain were portrayed as attractive women while the military commanders were Germany, Italy and England.

This map wants to show that though Russia gives a noble effort to impress with its peaceful image, still it has another scheme behind that image. This map wants to show people around Europe as well as the world as to what kind of administrative system Russia once want to impose over certain countries. Its objective to portray Russia in a negative notion is well achieved through the use of this Land Octopus.

The map, in its own, is self-explanatory. It has a description at the side to further explain the image. It also has a title, details of production and even an inlet map at the top. Though it does not have all the elements of a map, it is a well-represented cartoon map for propaganda use.


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